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If any of the areas of bias highlighted by this movie, or perhaps it's your own perception, that get under your skin, feel free to share it with us in the appropriate category.
The BBC balances its 'left'ness, by being arrogantly self convinced of its rightness - or simply unconcerned!
For the BBC - LEFT = Lies Evading Factual Truths
The power of the media over public thought is immense
Especially dangerous when the one that's been created to serve the values of our society has become self-serving.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
Please post your perceptions, and spread the word.
The more that people are aware of the insidious brainwashing and tampering with the truth committed by the BBC; the less power and negative effect it has.

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No New Posts Introduce Yourself

Where new members can tell us about themselves

Moderator: Teddy Bear

9 74 Tell us About Yourself
by Teddy Bear
Jan 11, 2015 13:29:57 GMT
No New Posts Tips and Techniques for Posting

Advice on posting using available codes to best convey your message

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3 3

BBC Bias

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No New Posts Examples of Bias

To see clearly the real direction of the BBC contrary to their mandate

Moderator: Teddy Bear

by Teddy Bear
Apr 7, 2015 20:36:38 GMT
No New Posts Pro-Militant Islamic Bias

Where the BBC assists the rise of terrorism
How Many of These are Reported by the BBC?

Moderator: Teddy Bear

211 845 BBC Awards Lifetime Achievement to Murder Inciting Islamist
by Teddy Bear
Apr 23, 2015 16:52:39 GMT
No New Posts The Islamic Nations

With so much going on throughout these countries, does the BBC inform or confound in light of facts - from the perspective of our society.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

69 272 What the BBC Thinks of as Major MidEast News
by Teddy Bear
Feb 10, 2015 15:32:40 GMT
No New Posts Israel and Palestine

Bias as shown in their reportage on events here.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

294 966 BBC's Bowen 'Interview' Gives Hamas Leader Free Rein
by Teddy Bear
Apr 15, 2015 15:11:08 GMT
No New Posts The Holey Beeble replacing the Holy Bible - Anti-Religion (Except Islam)

The Denigration of Religious Values - Except Islamic

Moderator: Teddy Bear

79 241 BBC attacks Christian sexual morality in new doc
by Teddy Bear
Feb 9, 2015 15:54:18 GMT
No New Posts Anti-Bush - Pro-Obama USA Bias

For British One-Upmanship, or appeasing Islamists? You Decide!

Moderator: Teddy Bear

33 124 BBC Conceal White House Woman Killed was Black
by Teddy Bear
Oct 6, 2013 17:50:33 GMT
No New Posts Global Warming ermmm Global Cooling ermmm Climate Change Bias

The BBC provides a lot of 'hot air' to prove a theory that does not bear out scientifically.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

91 268 The Archers 7.iv.15
by Teddy Bear
Apr 23, 2015 19:41:10 GMT
No New Posts BBC Pro - EU and Multicultural Bias

Bureaucratic Biased Communism
Leading our society away from its traditions and values to be run by unelected bureaucrats. Lose your identity so the BBC can tell you how to be and what to think.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

64 168 What BBC do when Common Sense on Immigration Can't be Racist
by Teddy Bear
Apr 19, 2015 18:49:06 GMT
No New Posts Question Time and Any Questions

How the BBC Uses the Illusion of a Public Debate to promote its bias

Moderator: Teddy Bear

58 222 QT 19.ii.15
by Teddy Bear
Feb 20, 2015 16:32:26 GMT
No New Posts BBC Memorable Quotes

A Compilation of Quotes by Various BBC Journalists to Indicate their Real Mindset.

Moderators: Teddy Bear, marky

60 211 Robin Aitken - 'Can We Still Trust the BBC?'
by Teddy Bear
Mar 2, 2015 11:42:05 GMT
No New Posts Political Party Bias

To some, their work is a labour of love; For the BBC it's mostly a love of Labour.

Moderators: Teddy Bear, marky

Sub-boards: Conservative Party Connections, Liberal Democrat Party Connections, BBC Labour Connections

153 376 BBC Selected Anti-UKIP Londoners for Election Debate
by Teddy Bear
Apr 24, 2015 12:55:04 GMT

BBC Quality?

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No New Posts BBC Quality??? - a contradiction in terms

What the BBC Presents as Justification for their Bankroll

Moderator: Teddy Bear

245 597 BBC Director General has to Sign off Jokes
by Teddy Bear
Apr 8, 2015 13:41:39 GMT
No New Posts How the BBC Dismisses Complaints.

Using BS to Carry On Business Bias as Usual.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

28 217 Blatant lies
by Teddy Bear
Apr 11, 2015 18:06:26 GMT

Miscellaneous - The Other Elements That Show the BBC Unfit for Purpose

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No New Posts Abuse and Scandals Within the BBC - 1 Viewing

Sexual Abuse, Paedophilia, Harassment, Bullying, Criminal Behaviour, and all that what we know about so far.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

84 409 Clarkson's Real Crime? He's All the Left Hates, Yet Succeeds
by Teddy Bear
Apr 9, 2015 17:43:28 GMT
No New Posts Abuse of Funds - Milking the Licence Fee

How the BBC diverts money intended to enrich our nation to enrich themselves

Moderator: Teddy Bear

136 284 BBC Staff Refusing to Relocate to Birmingham
by Teddy Bear
Apr 2, 2015 22:08:33 GMT
No New Posts Wasting Money

Mismanagement and Bad Decisions causing Huge Losses which the Licence Fee Payer has to Fund.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

87 158 BBC Blows £1000s on Emoji Guide for Staff
by Teddy Bear
Apr 4, 2015 19:38:57 GMT
No New Posts TVL - Licence Fee Related

The Main Artery through which the BBC deludes itself it is valuable.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

59 198 Andrew Bridgen MP - 'Why I am Going to War with BBC'
by Teddy Bear
Mar 21, 2015 22:00:30 GMT
No New Posts BBC (Mis)Trust

The illusion that somebody is watching out for the licence fee payer

Moderator: Teddy Bear

8 40 Woman to Head BBC Trust is Ex FT Head
by Teddy Bear
Mar 11, 2015 18:52:42 GMT
No New Posts General Board

The other aspects highlighting the BBC mindset

Moderator: Teddy Bear

by Teddy Bear
Apr 17, 2015 23:30:21 GMT
No New Posts Open Thread

General observations or reactions to BBC output

Moderator: Teddy Bear

40 107 BBC's Womens Hour and Russell Brand - BORING
by Teddy Bear
Mar 27, 2015 15:01:29 GMT


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No New Posts Mediatative

The kind of stories that really give us the facts we need to understand the situation from the perspective of OUR society's values.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

61 180 The Islamization of Britain in 2014
by Teddy Bear
Jan 2, 2015 15:48:31 GMT


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No New Posts Media-Crassy or Media-Evil

Highlighting the Degenerate Values of a Too-Powerful Media

Moderator: Teddy Bear

39 87 Bias of other state broadcasters
by Teddy Bear
Feb 7, 2015 19:51:05 GMT

Other Rants and Raves

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No New Posts The Daily Grump

Any non BBC topic that really gets your goat

Moderator: Teddy Bear

44 196 Dan Hannan:Tax reform
by steevo
Apr 25, 2015 17:34:43 GMT
No New Posts Good News

Any Positive stuff to balance the bad that you feel like sharing or praising

Moderator: Teddy Bear

18 44 Light relief with "New Zoids"
by dance2drop
Apr 24, 2015 14:37:13 GMT
No New Posts (Don't) HAVE YOUR SAY

To air the views that the BBC moderators prefer to stifle.

Moderator: Teddy Bear

2 7 Moved: Songs of Praise
by freddiemangle
Dec 21, 2013 19:06:02 GMT


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